2018 Development Forum on Financial Technology and Quantitative Investment Successfully Concludes

2018 Development Forum on Financial Technology and Quantitative Investment hosted by Newhuadu Business School successfully concludes in Fuzhou, Fujian Province on May 27th. The forum invited over 350 attendants including experts and scholars in financial technology, representatives, elites and investors in finance industry. Focusing on Internet ecology of China’s finance industry, the attendants introduced the recently popular quantitative value investment and discussed the development trend of the industry in order to provide forward-looking perspectives in financial technology. Party committee secretary Tang Ling, deputy secretary Chen Jianfeng, assistant dean Wang Xianbin, and other leaders in Newhuadu all attended the event.

Assistant dean Prof. Wang Xianbin, Fujian Internet Finance Association secretary-general Xiao Junguang giving remarks.

Executive director of Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies, Renmin University, secretary-general of Finance Committee, China Finance Association Professor Wang Wen, Chairman of International Intelligent Blockchain Association and China Quantitative Investment Association Dr. Ding Peng, co-founder of Shenzhen Qianhai Jinxin Big Data Finance, President of China Absolute Income Investment Management Association Dr. Cai Chenghui delivered keynote speeches on topics such as financial technology globalization strategy under the background of the Belt and Road Initiative, AI, Blockchain and quantitative hedging, derivative innovation, development trend and impact on securities investment of AI, machine learning and smart investment.

Traditional finance industry has been empowered with the development of technology. Currently, a new bout of IT such as big data, cloud computing, blockchain and AI are leading figures in respective areas. Financial technology is peaking in its development course, wrapping in finance industry. At the same time, quantitative investment, the strongest productivity force in financial technology has attracted much attention, becoming a crucial design tool in making financial decisions.

Professor Wang Wen insisted that Chinese should adhere to the strategic durability of the Belt and Road Initiative considering his research experience in over 50 countries in the last 5 years. After the implementation of the new globalization strategy, he began to research and judge Chinese capital market. He also reiterated that “Global vision is a necessity to be in the industry, patience is a necessity to investment.”
As a respected expert and a pioneer in China’s quantitative investment, Dr. Ding Peng focused on hotspot issue blockchain and unveiled the mysterious technology by explaining its core values, solutions, quantitative and value analysis on digital assets. He deems that the core concept of blockchain is to separate product right and data right from institutional level. In the development of information society, blockchain will play an essential role that may change the utter approach to transfer values.
With personal entrepreneur experience, Dr. Car Chenghui shared in-depth process and solution to quantitative investment models. He suggested that pricing would be more precise, corresponding with expectations of financial theories such as capital asset pricing model with AI’s further development in finance industry.
The forum also included a round-table conversation. Hosted by assistant of dean Professor Tang Jinquan, China Quantitative Investment Association Chairman Dr. Ding Peng, co-founder of Shenzhen Qianhai Jinxin Big Data Finance, President of China Absolute Income Investment Management Association Dr. Cai Chenghui, Newhuadu Professor, Haixi Financial and Financial Development Research Center director, Shenzhen Private Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. investment research department executive Mr. Li Xuetong discussed on financial technology & quantitative investment development trends and the adaptability of China's financial market and interacted with the audience. Guests all agreed that the time of financial technology was a great opportunity. By empowering technology into finance, great opportunities and changes are both being brought into the industry, thus inclusive manner needs to be adopted to embrace changes. And quantitative investment has become the upcoming trend of innovative development of China’s finance industry.
The forum gained strong supports from over 20 business entities, namely Fuzhou software park digital fund town, CNDCA Fuzhou Entrepreneur Committee, Fujian E-commerce Association, Fujian Internet Service Industry Association, Fujian Internet Finance Association, Haiyin Capital Fuzhou Second Branch, Guosen Securities Fujian Branch, Huafu Securities Fujian Branch, Xingzheng Futures, China Merchants Securities, Fujian Guofu Law Firm, etc.
The forum was part of a series of academic forums to celebrate the 60th anniversary of school, aiming to provide new approaches, thoughts and visions for teachers and students to conduct research and innovation, which indicated the vastness of the school’s academic celebration.
As a business school focusing on innovation and entrepreneur, Newhuadu will take advantage of its professional teaching crew and research edges and fully commit to the cutting-edge practices of financial technology and quantitative investment. Also, Newhuadu aims to create a solid environment for venture financing and train more applied talents for 21st Century Maritime Silk Road core area. Meanwhile, the school will open courses on different levels to serve the society and boost economic and social transformation and upgrading.
(Newhuadu Business School Li Jinling, Liu Weisong Correspondent Yang Zhongqiang)