【Research salon】Professor Li Yang丨Analysis of Diversification Strategies and the Performance of International Tourist Hotels

Newhuadu Business School held the first research salon in conference room B401 on the afternoon of March 14th, 2018. The presenter, Dr. Li Yang in economics from Iowa State University impressed all teachers by his fascinating talk on the topic about analysis of diversification strategies and the performance of international tourist hotels.


Dr Li pointed out that diversification strategy was one of the effective strategies in coping with the increasingly competitive environment in international tourist hotels and different diversification strategies could exert various impacts on tourist hotels with different business modes. According to his research, diversification strategies for income pose more contribution for chain hotels whereas that for travels are quite the opposite. In the end, Dr Li answered questions and conducted in-depth discussions with teachers in an interactive atmosphere.

Research salons are held every Wednesday afternoon in an aim to form a positive, collaborative atmosphere in scientific researches and to further promote scientific research capabilities for teachers through frequent academic communication and exchanges led by senior professors.

(Newhuadu Business School Shi Yuheng)