President of Peking University Lin Jianhua Visits Newhuadu Business School

Lin Jianhua, President of Peking university, visited Newhuadu Business School along with fellows on the afternoon of February 8th. Chairman of Fashu Foundation Chen Fashu, Minjiang University President Wang Zonghua and Vice President Geng Jun’an were among the group.

Group photo

The group visited venues for teaching and practice such as MJU achievement exhibition, financial innovation center, Chinese business Expo and held a colloquium afterwards.

Lin’s group visiting MJU achievement exhibition
Colloquium in process

Jin Zhiguo, secretary-general of Fashu Foundation, hosted the meeting. Tang Ling, secretary of the party committee in Newhuadu reported the situation of the past eight years and the plan for the coming five years in aspects of education investment, teaching crew, innovative undergraduate programs, first entrepreneurship MBA in China and first-class business school. Attendants actively communicated accordingly.

Secretary-general of Fashu Foundation Jin Zhiguo hosting the meeting
Secretary of the party committee Tang Ling reporting school situation

MJU president Wang Zonghua introduced school history, talent training, discipline construction and development goals. He pointed out that MJU was an applied university with honorable history and mission gaining strong supports from leaders in different levels, including PKU. Conforming to self-improvement and name-changing project, MJU had strengthened discipline construction and hoped to further step up exchanges with PKU especially in humanities and social sciences, laying a solid foundation for future name-changing.

MJU president Wang Zonghua speaking

Fashu Foundation chairman Chen Fashu shared his entrepreneur experience, charitable concept and his vision in educational investment.

Fashu Foundation chairman Chen Fashu speaking

President Lin Jianhua appreciated Mr. Chen’s charitable spirit and PKU’s generous donation and gave credit for Newhuadu’s achievements and characteristics. In his opinion, universities not only impart knowledges, but also enlighten students and positively lead their values. In teaching students, Newhuadu’s concept of building up moral characters and carrying on Chinese businessmen’s spirits has a major practical significance. He also introduced PKU’s experience in talent training, social services, collaborative innovation and so on. He promised vigorous supports in areas such as training of talents and teachers, scientific research platforms and student exchanges.

PKU President Lin Jianhua speaking

PKU Vice President Wang Bo, Shenzhen Graduate School President Wu Yundong, School Party Office director Gong Wendong, School of Chemical Biology & Biotechnology dean Yang Zhen, Medicine Department deputy director Xiao Yuan, National School of Development assistant dean Zhang Jiali, Fashu Foundation secretary-general Jin Zhiguo, office director Ye Changqing, MJU Party and Government Office director Chen Zhongqun, Planning Office director Chen Xuying, Marine Research Institute dean Chen Jianming were among the visiting group.

( Newhuadu Business School Zhang Zhiyun, Yan Shumin  Correspondent Yang Zhongqiang)

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